Occult Reviews 1905-1948, bound and individual

Several long runs of The Occult Review from 1905-1948, starting with a bound run from 1905-1921, and continuing through to 1948 in individual numbers including examples from its guise as The London Forum (Incorporating "The Occult Review")from 1933 until it semi-reverted back to The Occult Review (incorporating the "London Forum")as a quarterly.

Collected in two lots:
1) The first 21 volumes bound in maroon publishers cloth, from January 1905 to June 1915.
2) A run of 307 parts of which 85 are bound in 14 volumes:- parts 1905, Feb. 1908, September and October. 1914, March, July and August. 1915, Jan. to June, in paper wraps. 13 bound vols, [green cloth with gilt] a run from July 1915 to Dec.1921, then parts [one of which is unbound] 1922 Jan. to 1932 Jan. [lacks 1932 Feb.] 1932 March to 1936 Oct., the monthly then becoming a quarterly, complete to Christmas 1948 lacking Oct 1944 and Jan 1945.

(Previously owned by Leslie Shepard, and now combined with another collection that provided or improved on many of the missing or imperfect bound volumes and individual numbers.)


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